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RCS CAPI Android App Privacy Policy

Last Updated September 12, 2019


This Privacy Policy applies to use of the Research Control Solutions RCS CAPI Android application. This Privacy Policy applies to application users.

Inquiries about this Privacy Policy, data collection, or requests to update or erase data should be directed to

This policy may be updated at any time, and we encourage interested parties to periodically review this page.

RCS-CAPI is an android application used primarily for person-to-person data collection. A typical use case would be for hired interviewers to visit locations and conduct a public opinion survey, in-person at a respondent’s household. In specific use cases, the respondent may self-administer the survey and enter their own data, as an application user. In other cases, an individual might use the application to test the programming and logic of a survey questionnaire.

This Privacy Policy refers only to application users, including interviewers administering surveys, respondents self-administering surveys, and individuals using the application for testing purposes.

Third party vendors and the interviewers that represent them are ultimately responsible for data collection efforts and the management of data provided by respondents (data subjects), except in cases where a respondent self-administers the survey. Survey respondents should reach out to these vendors for inquiries about their data or requests to erase their data.

What Information is Collected?

Login and registration information of application users is collected and required to use the RCS CAPI application. This may include the user’s first and last name, designated username, nationality, position title, gender, email address, and phone number. While using the application log files are automatically captured that describe the user’s actions and the status of the current Android device. Location information and audio information may also be recorded while using the application.

Data subjects of self-administered surveys may be asked to provide personally identifiable information such as household member names and contact information, in addition to responses to various forms of survey questions, location information, audio recordings, and photographs. In addition, log files are automatically captured that describe the user’s actions and the status of the device. Data subjects can opt out of survey participation by refusing to consent to data collection. Data subjects should not continue using the RCS CAPI application if they do not consent to data collection.

Sensitive and/or personally identifiable information for application users is centrally processed at Research Control Solutions and may be erased upon request of the user by contacting the provided email address, above. Information about interviewer users is typically provided by the third-party vendor that hired the user. The user should also reach out to this third-party with concerns or requests to remove their information.

How is this Information Used?

Information collected about application users may be used for quality control processes and application improvement by Research Control Solutions and third-party vendors using the Research Control Solutions application. Personal identifying information may be used to contact application users as necessary.

Information collected by application users from self-administering data subjects (e.g. are prompted as projects implemented by third-party vendors, often in coordination with a client that has requested data collection services. Most data collection projects are designed to collect attitudinal, behavioral, or fact-based information about data subjects. This information may be analyzed individually or in aggregate and used to carry out project objectives and/or further research goals. Sensitive information such as names of household members or contact information is typically collected for quality control purposes.

For all application users, location information may be collected via a prompt in the application interface. Users who do not wish to provide location information including GPS coordinates should not consent to using the RCS CAPI application.

What Information is Shared?

For application users representing a third-party vendor (e.g. an interviewer), personally identifying information and contact information is shared between Research Control Solutions and the third-party vendor as part of a work agreement. Users should also have a work agreement in place with the third-party vendor they are representing to understand what information is being collected and shared. If a third-party vendor shares or requests a user to share their own information with Research Control Solutions and/or the RCS-CAPI application without a work agreement, the user should contact Research Control Solutions at the email address provided above with their concerns.

For self-administered surveys, information that the data subject volunteers may be provided to third-party vendors involved in the data collection efforts as well as interested clients. Personally identifying information is generally not collected nor shared, though exceptions to this will be described thoroughly in the RCS-CAPI application including information about how to follow-up and request changes / erasure of one’s sensitive data.

Non-sensitive information (e.g. substantive responses or paradata about application use) about all application users may be shared with interested third-party vendors and clients.

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