With demand-driven new features added regularly, RCS’s CAPI application connects clients with the most cutting-edge developments in electronic data capture.

Software Features

The Big 4 of RCS CAPI

Offline Capabilities

Back-Checking & Enhanced Verification

GPS Capture

Multi-language Capabilities


GPS Point Comparison
Finger Print Scanning


Customizable Dashboard
Custom Services and Training


Timestamp Exports
Randomization Order Recording


Text/Audio Overlay Capabilities
Conditional Audio Recording

Newest Feature Highlight


This enables clients to control an interviewer’s access to the survey based on their device’s recorded geographic coordinates in relation to pre-determined targets for each area included in the project.

Offline data collection and storage

With extremely limited access to Internet in many areas in Africa, the Middle East, South and Central Asia and Latin America, offline data collection is a necessity. Surveys are also tailored to include features that allow interviewers to adapt to changing realities in fieldwork without the need to synchronize devices online.

Project support tools

In many countries it may be difficult to fully employ tablet-based surveys due to security and crime concerns. RCS also supports specialized tools on smaller, more discrete phones that aid pen-and-paper research. Such tools include GPS coordinate collection, photo taking, and instruments programmed to assist with household enumeration and respondent selection.

Seamless translation support

Translations in RCS are included in the same instrument and can be switched at any point in the survey as needed.

Standard and customized web portals

All projects have access to a standard web portal that allows productivity monitoring, basic data analysis, and access to datasets and other information captured in field. Customized dashboards have also been created to include automatic report generation and monitoring of field work by interviewer, date, location and key demographics. This provides clients with a fully transparent view of how their project is moving forward.

Collection of various forms of data

RCS can collect various types of data, including standard listed and open-ended questions; single and multi-answer variables; text and numeric variables; battery options; looped questions and looped sections; page-by-page or question-by-question timestamps; altitude readings; audio, photo, and video capture; GPS coordinates; and digital signatures. RCS is even capable of linking with external applications and devices as needed for a project; for example, fingerprint scanners and Bluetooth printers. Collection of personally identifiable data will vary with local laws and respondent consent.

Advanced survey programming

Program complicated surveys using JavaScript allowing for complicated filters and logic to be applied to a questionnaire. RCS, also, supports rotating and randomization of questions and response sets.

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